August 7th is the beginning of Autumn according to the Chinese calendar. Although the weather is still warm, we feel the change, we sense the retreat of Qi back into the earth, and see nature as it begins preparations for the cooler season. According to Taoist Qigong, this is the time to harmonize with the seasonal Qi of autumn. By building strong, resilient energy, we are less likely to become ill with the approaching winter. We do this by diet and Qigong exercises. As yang retreats and yin becomes predominant, this is a special time to nurture your yin energy. Eating with the seasons here means focusing on Spleen and Stomach health and the Earth element.

            In general, we say to begin to limit excessive raw vegetables and fruits (especially citrus) and dairy products (except goat milk) at this time of year. Since this is the most important season for digestive health, in order to nurture the spleen/stomach we eat foods and soups with yellow tones (squash, yams, etc.). For more specifics on dietary recommendations in this season, read this concise write up on late summer food at