We have definitely transitioned to the fall season, the season of the lungs and the large intestines. In the lungs the Qi of Heaven (air) joins with the Qi of earth (nutrition) forming the Qi that vitalizes human life. The lungs govern the relationship between the inside and outside. The strength of the lungs is in boundaries; clearly defined rules to keep things moving because the lungs are constantly changing, flowing in and out, not rigid.

If the lungs are weak our physical and emotional protection is reduced, making us vulnerable to infectious diseases as well as to the negative thoughts and feelings of other people.

Here’s a tip to stimulate your lung points during this season: Stimulate the lung points on the body by finding the hollow at the end of the collar bone by the shoulder and go about an inch down and massage. You may find the point to be tender and that’s OK. Be sure to do it on both sides of the body, by each shoulder.

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