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Class Testimonials


Rita B.

I really enjoyed the positive results of my weeks with Wendy, learning the qigong method of restorative health.  Learning skills I could use at any time, any place, without equipment was a boon to my mental and physical well-being

Joe L

My arthritis and back improved with consistent standing meditation- amazing!

Scotti; Rochester, NY:

I have truly enjoyed and learned so much from Wendy at her weekly Qi Gong classes over the last several years.  She is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher with a lovely sense of humor as well.  I have learned so much about the Chinese concept of Qi – energy – and how movements can restore our energy and even heal.  And she teaches us movements that we can do on our own at home, even providing handouts to help us remember the movements and the concepts we are working with.

Also, I appreciate that Wendy can help everyone in the class adapt the movements to their own needs and challenges since I have arthritis and have some limitations from that.  Wendy teaches Qi Gong as a gentle movement exercise that can help almost anyone in a relaxing, healing, and enjoyable way!

Helen L.

Wendy Smith is a well-known and respected teacher of Qi Gong and Tai Chi in the Rochester area. I have taken Qi Gong classes with her for many years, and I look forward to the gentle movement and healing energy the class gives me.

Wendy tailors her classes to her students’ needs. Whenever I voice a health concern, she includes a form or technique that I can put to immediate use in my home routine. I recently fell and sprained my ankle, for example, and Wendy included the tendon healing technique in the class for several weeks in a row. She gave the class a handout with instructions for the moves and made sure we all understood the technique before moving on. That technique and others have been very helpful to me - not only to heal injuries, but also to maintain health and peace of mind. Wendy’s style of teaching is organized but informal enough to encourage student feedback and clarity. She has a lovely sense of humor and patient style. Her class is a gift to this community.

Colleen M.

My sisters cannot believe how much I have benefited from my Tai Chi classes with you.  I am now able to walk up and down stairs with much less pain and feel much more limber in all of my activities.  I am still amazed at how much I have benefited from your class.  The video has been used over and over again as I want to continue to enjoy the advantages of Tai Chi.
I really enjoyed the sociability of your class as well as the educational benefit I received. The class was fun!

Caroline G.

Qi Gong means cultivation of energy, and the discipline so named and drawn from the ancient body of knowledge that includes yoga and the martial arts, is a system of breath and gentle, controlled movement that is designed to restore and maintain optimal well-being through balance and focus.  It addresses the mental, vital and physical planes in a seamless approach that is accessible to all ages and skill levels.  Wendy Smith invites the novice into this new world with her relaxed and informal approach, while her clear, precise teaching style and considerable experience provide immediate substance to students of all levels and abilities.

Qi Gong with Wendy Smith is a most enjoyable and effective avenue into the world of conscious well being, offering an ancient discipline through modern teaching methods. Wendy is an excellent teacher who employs both personal experience and individual attention to guide each student at the appropriate pace and level while fostering a sense of unity in her classes.  If you are seeking to improve any aspect of your being, this is a great way to proceed.

John R.

I have studied Qigong with Wendy for many years, both in person and online, and am now also taking her Tai Chi class via Zoom. Wendy is a skillful practitioner of these arts and a very knowledgeable instructor who is especially interested in the health benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi. She keeps up with the field and frequently introduces us to new exercises. Her warmth, enthusiasm, and sense of fun help even beginners feel comfortable in class.

I highly recommend you try out Wendy Smith’s classes

Sample Qigong Class​

Arlene L.

Wendy Smith’s Qigong class is a wonderful opportunity for exercise that is gentle and safe.  What we practice in class is taught in small, manageable chunks and has become easy for me to do as a daily stretch/warm-up /meditation at home.  I love the sense of flow with Qigong – that its a “moving meditation” that allows me to be in touch with both my breath and my energy.  Wendy creates a supportive, peaceful environment in class and also readily adapts the exercises to whatever physical limitations the participants have.

JN Courtney

I have participated in Wendy’s stress management and wellness classes at my school worksite – they were very informative and I could apply the strategies to my own self-development, my work with colleagues, as well as using some of them with my students.

I’ve also attended Wendy’s Qigong classes, taught in a recreation room, outside in the fresh air and currently online. She is creative, flexible and committed to meeting the needs of the participants in her classes. Wendy draws from her training with the Masters and her expertise and knowledge in the field is broad. She is able to teach to all ages at all levels of instruction. She is encouraging, supportive and patient as she shares healthy and restorative movements and breathing strategies. Wendy has made a difference in my overall health.

Nicole R.

Learning and practicing Swimming Dragon Qigong has rocked my world!