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DVD Testimonials

DVD Testimonials

Claudia, OTR; Rochester, NY

I’ve had Wendy Smith’s Qigong DVD for 4 years. It’s professionally presented and offers several options for varying time intervals. I appreciate that her DVD presents different forms from her classroom presentations. I can tell she has a background in film by the quality and settings of the DVD. It’s an excellent DVD. I have purchased 5 Qigong DVD’s, and I prefer Wendy’s. It is clear, concise, easy to follow, and doesn’t take 10 minutes of irrelevant material to begin. I highly recommend this DVD.

Cheri; Madison, Wisconsin

I ordered your DVD for my 80-year-old mother for Christmas. I just watched it before giving it to her and I love it! I will be ordering another one for myself and also recommending this to my acupressure clients. I have researched and viewed many Qigong DVDs looking for a sensible, grounded approach for all people that may have limitations and your DVD stood out. Thanks so much for your clear, useable, powerful approach!

Nancy; Bonita Springs, FL

I tried the full DVD program and I really enjoyed it! I think Mom will like it very much too. I like the way you have alternate combinations. I’m also glad she’ll get to see the Sun style Tai Chi. That was interesting for me to look at too, having only done Yang style myself. I also want to say how soothing your voice is! The whole production is very peaceful and relaxing. Nicely done!

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