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AM Qigong


A complete program to enliven and circulate Qi


A complete program to enliven and circulate Qi. Includes a cleansing warm-up, individual practices (see list below), and concludes with a self-massage. Master Yang’s Qigong set adds reverse breathing to enhance and focus on breathwork, while the Five Treasures Qigong set systematically cleanses, circulates and stores Qi.

1- Warmup
2- Master Yang Qigong
3- Five Treasures Qigong
4- Standing Meditation
5- Self massage

Guidelines: It is best to allow two hours after eating or half hour before a meal. Also, do not practice before going to bed since it may prevent sleep. Like any exercise, it is best to practice on a regular basis. Please consult with a physician before beginning these or any exercise program. AM Qigong, PM Qigong, Seated Qigong and Meditations, Qigong with Walking Animal Frolics, Qi flow and Fit are instructional programs and are in no way intended as a substitute for medical advice.