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Tai Chi Zoom: May: Thursday@5:30 pm


4 Week Membership. This is an ongoing Tai Chi class open to intermediate students.


Tai Chi is one of the best-known martial arts of the Internal styles from ancient China. Based on Qigong and martial art techniques from thousands of years ago, Sun style is the youngest of the major styles and was created by Sun Lu-tang (1861-1932). Sun style is characterized by agile steps and is most suited to people with arthritis. Whenever one foot moves forward or backwards the other foot follows. Its movements flow smoothly like a river, and there is a powerful Qigong exercise whenever the direction is changed.

Currently this is an intermediate class, since students have already learned the first 12 movements. Beginners are welcome to attend a trial class and either join or wait until there is sufficient interest in forming a beginner class.

Tai Chi consists of exercises equally balanced between yin and yang, which is why it is so remarkably effective. This Sun style Tai Chi class will last 1 hour, meeting 1x/week. It will always follow a 3-fold general format: warm-up, practice and self-massage. The basic Sun style tai chi form has 12 movements, expanding to 24 when you do the first 12 movements to the left as well as to the right. Once the class becomes proficient in Sun style, we move on to learn Cheng Man-Ch’ing Yang style Tai Chi (37 postures).