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Stress Management

Stress Management

Tailored to Fit

My stress management classes depend on the facility and company where I teach. I tailor the class to fit the specific needs of both the individuals and of management. Request a Quote


When I teach at companies, they want more of a focus on practical tips employees can use on a daily basis. I instruct premier techniques that I learned from Mark Waldman (best-selling author and Oprah guest) and Lee Holden (acupuncturist and Qigong therapist) as well as techniques from Tai Chi Masters that I have studied with. These techniques have the most impact on organizations that are looking for short, quick and practical exercises to do in a fast-paced world. I’ve come up with a combination of techniques that will stop the stress response so quickly that the stress response is not even initiated, which is the goal of my stress management program.


For example, when I taught stress management at MVP, they wanted both movement exercises and meditation in class and also a program to do at home. Because the participants already had a very full plate outside of work, I started the home program slowly with very simple things, such as tracking the amount of water they drank in a day and the time they went to bed at night, to focus on hydration and getting enough sleep.

My workshops and classes at BOCES#1 evolve with the specific needs of the Teacher Center each semester. In the fall of 2020 for example, we focused on Breathing Techniques for Work Productivity and Stress Reduction.

In my classes at MCC, where I have a completely different clientele and more time to devote per session over a 15-week period, we discuss:

  • What is stress and what is its impact on health?
  • Journaling
  • Breathing techniques
  • Meditation (standing, seated and walking)
  • Emotional health (especially how to deal with fear and anger, the two stress emotions)
  • Intellectual health
  • Comic therapy
  • Time management strategies
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Complementary therapies


There is a component of physical movement, lecture, individual and group exercises, techniques to use at home, class exercises and final relaxation. For this population, learning to relax and to deal with emotions is an important element.

I am always happy to discuss specifics with interested parties, in order to find opportunities for the best way to leverage these classes for individuals and employees.

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Academic Testimonials

Corporate Recommendations

Cara V.

I just wanted to say thank you for a great semester in your class. I was very enlightened on a lot of the topics. I truly enjoyed your class and have implemented some of the techniques we have learned. I am grateful to have met you and you have changed my life for the better.

Nataliya F.

This course was really useful for me because I learned a lot of new things that could help me to build a successful and happy life. The instructor, Professor Wendy Smith, is a very optimistic, kind, smart person, and full of life. I liked her style of teaching. She taught us different relaxation techniques such as mindfulness, exclusive and imagery meditations. Writing a personal journal was a good tool for self-knowledge and self-awareness. Even now when I have a hard or a happy time I write my thoughts and feelings in it. I've learned if I want to live a healthy life, I have to exercise every day for 15-20 min. It can be yoga, Tai Chi, physical fitness, or walking. We were taught all these exercises during the semester. Also, the teacher performed a beautiful lecture about the role of healthy food in our lives. She taught us how to read food labels, the USDA's MyPlate, and what foods we have to eat to stay healthy.

This course was very interesting and useful. I gained a lot of knowledge about stress management. All the techniques that we were taught in the class will help me to live happy and healthy life.

Giorgio B.

I had the privilege of taking the Stress Management course under the guidance of Professor Wendy Smith. Her ability to express her own personal accomplishments, utilizing stress management tools, is a great motivator for any student who is seriously ready to undertake this discipline.

Professor Smith’s teaching style is colorful and proactive. She provides hands on mediation techniques from many disciplines. Her colorful style of teaching can be quite entertaining, especially her demonstration of how much sugar is actually in one glass of soda. Very impressive to watch a five-pound bag of sugar being poured into a cup.

Now that this class has ended, I still continue the imagery meditation and the cleansing breath technique. I can honestly report that ever since I began this meditation I see a reduction of my anxiety, stress and my heart rate. The results have convinced me to continue this meditation.
Again, I would like to emphasize, I highly recommend Professor Smith as a teacher to any student who is interested in Stress Management.

Janet I.

What I liked about Professor Wendy Smith, was her lectures that were based on everyday life scenarios.  It made the lectures interesting, especially with the back ground music. Lectures and presentations were very organized and comprehensive. Professor Smith presents the material with confidence and enthusiasm. She is always sparking a greater interest that goes far beyond the material itself. For example, when she introduced us to journal writing, it really helped me personally in reducing my stress level.  The stress level has tremendously reduced in my life in general because I have gain knowledge from taking the stress management course. I learn different techniques that I have learned to use in my everyday life.

I feel Professor Smith is a very enthusiastic professor that cares deeply about the successes of her students, a professor that will go far beyond what is expected of her to make the learning environment at fun and interesting and most of all stress free.

JN Courtney

I have participated in Wendy’s stress management and wellness classes at my school worksite – they were very informative and I could apply the strategies to my own self-development, my work with colleagues, as well as using some of them with my students. 

I’ve also attended Wendy’s Qigong classes, taught in a recreation room, outside in the fresh air and currently online. She is creative, flexible and committed to meeting the needs of the participants in her classes. Wendy draws from her training with the Masters and her expertise and knowledge in the field is broad. She is able to teach to all ages at all levels of instruction. She is encouraging, supportive and patient as she shares healthy and restorative movements and breathing strategies. Wendy has made a difference in my overall health. 

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